Saint Tropez Nightlife

Saint Tropez Nightlife

The VIP scene of Saint Tropez Nightlife

  • Le Quai Joseph was established in 2007, and is located at the port of white marquee and had black sand floor . The main areas of attraction being the combo asian. Tapas Restaurant along with a Cocktail bar which is always occupied.The main diss apointment lies with a fact that both the VIP Room and Les Caves are mostly closed during the midweek.There is no age bar and party lasts till 4am till monday night and it is full of booze around the place. Le Caves du Roy is still considered as the hottest and the pricest night club in the town and is located at the Byblos Hotel and mostly it attracts the hottest guest list.Special Guests as Naomi Cambpell, Kate Moss, Bar Refaeli, Lindsay Lohan, Geri Halliwell, Hugh Jackman, Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld, Rihanna, Eltton John, Lara Stone, Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria, are very common on the Saint Tropez nightlife.

    Lavish spenders and the best music around the globe. While the place looks like a total mess from outside, inside is one of the best hip-hop anthems and a cool nightlife going. There have been many concerts performed by Dj JackE, JAY-Z and Katie and have rocked the stage everytime they have been here .

• Les Caves du Roy

  • If there is one nightclub worth mentioning in France, it is the Les Caves du Roy as it is the one dance club that stood against the test of time. The club is known for the rebirth of modern music via a CD produced under the name of the club that has been distributed all over the world, and being uniquely located within the well known Hotel Byblos.With tested security guards and a defense system as tough as a military base, the club management ensures that the privacy of its guests, ranging from politicians to celebrities from the likes of rock star Mick Jagger to the artist Sean “P.Diddy” Coombs, are able to enjoy their leisure time without the disturbance of paparazzi. The club entrance is situated away from the main hallways of the hotel, and is usually guarded by big. burly security guards.The visitors of the club are definitely the elites where the most beautiful women and suave men flock to.

    Despite the changes of time, the club however chooses to stay with its classic look where the VIP booths are decorated with towers decorated with Babylonian and oriental touch, as well as the golden brocade and baroque columns. The impeccable deejay Jack-E who spins the music in the club ensures you total entertainment by flawlessly spinning classic to modern hits that would keep you on your feet dancing.

    Last Words
    The Les Caves du Roy oozes allure and sex appeal like no other, where the hot women dance on the table till 6 in the morning and guests dancing to the music of the Byblos, where the hotel is breezed by the soft wind of summer, crowded with the most flamboyant and high-end crowd, a place you need to experience to know what it is all about.

    Our Rating: 4.45 / 5.00

    Les Caves du Roy – Hotel Byblos
    Avenue Paul Signac Saint-Tropez
    Telephone: (04) 94 97 16 02/04 94 56 68 00

• La Voile Rouge

  • Where the wild parties are past hours, La Voile Rouge is a place so unique you could see the bizarre sight of an old, pleasant aristocrat grandmother sipping vintage wine next to a sexy topless young girl lying on the bar as guys sip off Chandon from her belly button, and believe it or not it is a norm. The birthplace of the St. Tropez beach club, it could be accessed via harbor-yachts that provides ship-to-shore as well as by the road.During the day, the beach club looks like any other normal high-end eatery, but it is one of the hardest place to book reservations during high seasons such as July and August. Uniquely, this beach club is separated into three different areas between a chic shop which sells super cute swimsuits to expensive linen fashions, an open air bar and the main French cuisine restaurant which focuses more on seafood.La Voile Rouge is a world known 200-feet long beach club, among all the other 31 clubs spread along the Pampelonne’s Beach. For near $50 per person, Matrasse Service and loungers could be rented out to guests, but it does not include alcohol. Whatever the season, time and day of the year, the beach club is always full of patrons. If you plan to get the beachside seats, be sure to book early as they sell out fast by noon.

    Last Words:
    La Voile Rouge holds their French traditions seriously, and so should all the patrons no matter where you are from. If they see you are not fit to be there, they would ask you to leave, therefore adhere to whatever they ask without asking questions. That’s how exclusive they are.

    Our Rating: 3.60 / 5.00

    La Voile Rouge
    Route des Tamaris
    83350 Ramatuelle France

• Nikki Beach

  • This might come to you as a surprise, but one of the lustiest beaches in France is neither French, and wait for it – it’s not even on a beach! A high-end find dining decorated with a realistic poolside beach environment, Nikki Beach is owned by Miami’s Nikki St Tropez and is the place to go for first class drinks as well as adulterated flirting. With hip hop influence mixed with cocktail scenery and pool party entertainment, it is definitely an eye candy for all.Located 500 feet from the beachNikki Club still gives its patrons the feel of the summer breeze and hot sands. After hours during summer, the party begins here at Nikki Beach. The club offers out poolside beds and loungers for rental to big wallet patrons.Last Words:
    If you enjoy wild parties, but want a more American vibe compared to La Voile Rouge beach club, Nikki Beach is the place to go. It attracts younger and sexier crowd all over France, and the world compared to competitor Club 55 as topless girls and wild party guys roam around.

    Nikki Beach is for you if you are a serious party freak or – single and rich.

    Our Rating: 4.00 / 5.00

    Nikki Beach
    Route de Epi
    Ramatuelle St Tropez
    83350 France

• VIP Room

  • The name itself explains how exclusive the club is, the VIP Room and its host Jean-Roch is the one to blame if you find the people of St. Tropez fast asleep till noon. Located in the center of the village, the VIP Room is a supper eatery as well as a hip dance club and attracts, well – VIPs!After so many years, the club finally remodeled, mixing the restaurant and the dance scene in a perfect fusion to contain the mixed crowd usually full and packed during the summer, and the design is much more modern, ala Ian Schrager in his studio 54 days. You won’t be bored by the food as they frequently change their menu from serving Italian to Mediterranean.As hip as it is, the VIP Room is only accessible from July through mid-September and remains closed for the rest of the year.

    Last Words:
    You are never too old for the VIP Room, if you are in France and love the night scene, you should definitely have a blast at the VIP Room.

    Our Rating: 4.20 / 5.00

    VIP Room
    Residence du Nouveau
    Port F
    83990 Saint-Tropez
    Telephone: (33)4 94 97 14 70

• Le Papagayo
Retro Themed Bar And Dance Lounge Located at St. Tropez Port

  • What was once the most popular nightclub in town which attracts celebrities and VIPs, the club is still a favorite among locals as the place to go for a lounge like place which features free-flows of champagne as well as reputable one DJ a night gig. With a boastful unique modern looking entrance paved with neon, walking into a white lounge area and memories of the past is always reminded as pictures of visiting celebrities decorates the walls.The club separates a bar and a restaurant which serves universal cuisine over the span of two stories. After hours it is a nightclub, and when comes a certain time a VIP rents out the place to throw a private party, it would even steal the spotlight away from Les Caves du Roy and the VIP Room!Last Words:
    This is the place most people head to if they cannot gain entrance into Les Caves du Roy as well as the VIP RoomIn France, particularly St Tropez, you will get lucky even in unlucky situations as Le Papagayo still pulls the crowd, sometimes even celebrities to offer everyone dance, parties, and late-night entertainments!

    Our Rating: 3.60 / 5.00

    Le Papagayo
    Résidence du Nouveau Port At Rue Gambetta
    Saint Tropez, France
    Telephone: (33) 4 94 79 29 50

• Le Quai Joseph Black
Sand Cocktail Bar on St. Tropez Port

  • When you see a chain of restaurants and bars lined up in a formed arrangement with beautiful all white fascia, a renowned black sand terrace, and decorated with Indonesian lounge and furnishings, you are looking at Le Quai Joseph, a club with a scenic ocean view, overlooking ships and yachts.With banquette restaurant seating surrounding the central bar, the club is flocked by enthusiasts of Asian dishes from the Japanese and Indonesian cuisine. The diner turns into a hip nightclub after 9pm, and is a hit during spring and summer, especially when Les Caves du Roy and the VIP Room is closed.Las Words:
    With its strategic and beautiful location, Le Quai Joseph is the most popular bar which offers night scene in town throughout April to June, attracting all the hip crowd.

    Our Rating: 3.40 / 5.00

    Le Quai Joseph Black
    22 Quai Jean Jaurès
    Saint Tropez 83990 France
    Telephone: (33) 04 94 97 57 77

• Jardins de Pan Dei
Mata Hari Meets the Hotel Pool Bar

  • Located within the Pan Dei Boutique Hotel, Jardins de Pan Dei a an Indian Theme boutique hotel which offers a backroom cocktail bar by a pool, and this spot is is definitely becoming a trending place of nightlife lovers. With huge pool furnishings as well as Indian honeymoon loungers around, it definitely attracts the upscale patrons to the bar, located on a busy street corner of St. Tropez near the Place des LicesThe bar opens at 7pm on every night.Unlike the nearby Maison Blanche which charges 20 plus Euro for snacks, the Jardins de Pan Dei serves patrons with complimentary dishes such as crudités, roasted nuts and salmon crostini to the environment of a gentle mix of house music. This place is definitely becoming more popular for being affordable, and one of the most stylish cocktail scenes around.Last Words:
    One of the best services in St. Tropez from this uniquely lustful Indian-themed boutique hotel makes their happy hour one of the finest.

    Our Rating: 3.40 / 5.00

    Jardins de Pan Dei
    Pan Dei Palais 32
    Rue Gambetta
    Saint Tropez 83990 France

• Le Bar du Sube
Cheap Cocktail Thrills at St. Tropez Dive Bar

  • When all the other clubs are closed, and during slow seasons like April and May, St. Tropez comes back to life because of the bar at Hotel Sube as it ignites the stillness of the nights into once again a lively night scene which is popular with the locals. Despite the dullness of the hotel, the bar however is the exact opposite as it attracts visitors to this second floor outlet of a shopping block facing the harbor.This place is best visited when every other place in town is closed, like early and late summer months. Some pirate themed decorations and a balcony with sunset view, the interior is filled with flamboyant couches, dark wooden decorations, and some comfortable bistro tables.Last Words:
    Affordable and a cheap thrill to experience in this cozy bar with a seaside view.

    Our Rating: 3.40 / 5.00

    Le Bar du Sube
    15, quai de Suffren
    Saint Tropez 83990 France
    Telephone: (33) 04 94 97 30 04


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The sparkling Saint Tropez.
Saint Tropez is probably the most famous places in the world located on French Riviera, usually know as Cote d'Azur. If you wont to have fun, go to the beach, be trendiest, live during the night, eat well and know vip persons, you are in a right place. What truly prefab Saint Tropez identified around the globe was when Roger Vadim filmed "And God Created Woman" starring the fabulous Brigitte Bardot. In 2007 she was named one of the 100 Sexiest Film Stars ever. Saint Tropez was featured as a harbor for excursus from its beaches, selective yachts, shopping centers, and museums. Saintrop is also location to numerous outstanding villas that are set in real secured and snobby environment.

In Saint Tropez - called Saintrop as a worldwide nickname - everything is famous. As the beaches: Bouillabaisse Beach, Caneliers Beach, Salins Beach; there are at littlest 40 on the peninsula. You need a car or taxi to go in, you can also use our Luxury Car Rental. There is the Area des Lices where pic stars and topical stars get togettier to caper a brave of boules or sip Pastis low the plane trees. Everybody, of pedagogy, wears their leather Tropziennes sandals ! Saint Tropez became "Saintrop" when the pretense line people, artists and writers all elapse under the language of this sorcerous lowercase left in the 1950's. In the summer one could extrusion into Picasso, Francoise Sagan and more others. With the achievement of Brigitte Bardot in the Dolce Vita 6O's the myth was installed for redemptive. Since then St. Tropez has prettify the in vacation sight for fashionable Parisians and the super international Jet Set. The best in Saint Tropez right now are: the Chateau de la Messardiere, the myth hotel Le Byblos, the Villa Marie and the Sezz. As a new entry we suggest the Kube Hotel.

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The fascinating Cannes.
Cannes is a million times better of Nice and we would not know where to start on the huge list of why Hotels in Cannes are better. So for your own sake and also safety (Nice is one of the towns in France with the highest criminal rate and is especially unsafe for girls if you are not in the old town) stay out of Nice. Hotels in Cannes are absolutely the most romantic ones in French Riviera, also famous for the world's most glamorous Cannes Film Festival, especially the Carlton Hotel. It is all about partying, celebrity spotting and, of course, movies, but if you're not in the industry or the press, tickets are famously hard to come by. Though, Cannes presents the perfect opportunity to put those movie-world connections to the test, and, since so much of the action takes place outside the theatre, a trip to Cannes is always worth the trouble. And the best part? The whole sparkly, sun-drenched affair lasts more than 12 days.

We suggest the Hotel Martinez just on Croisette - the most expensive suite in the world from Forbes 2009 - the fashion design Hotel 3.14 and, always on the Croisette, you can find also the Majestic Hotel and the Carlton Hotel. Nice and Cannes are two big contraries. If you go to Nice all you will find is tourists from england or wherever who go to Nice to just get cheap drinks and Hotel. There is no dress code and you will have way to many french which are dressed like in any low location. Not to talk bad about the french but that is just how Nice is. So for your own sake and also safety (Nice is one of the towns in France with the highest criminal rate and is especially unsafe for girls if you are not in the old town) stay out of Nice. We suggest to visit Nice during the day, the centre is very typical. But we strongly suggest to stay in Cannes. If you land in Genoa or Milano Airports (Linate or Malpensa) or if you arrive with Costa Crociere in Savona or MSC Cruise in Genoa, it's possible to reserve our Airport Transfer from Genoa or Milano to Cannes.

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The exclusive Monaco.
Monaco - Monte Carlo is assuredly the loveliest spot on the entire French coast. More the pity that it should be delivered over to such evil associations as cling to it. Suite in Monaco itself is a limestone crag rising out of the sea, linked to the mainland by a neck, the rocks on all sides precipitous, but cut into, to form an approach to the town. One of the most important event is the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in May. Above it towers the ridge that extends from the Mont Agel, with its fortress gleaming white against a gentian-blue sky, by La Turbie. The rock of Monaco takes its name from Monoikos. It was dedicated to the Phoenician Melkarth, the One god in a house, who would suffer no other idols in his temple, and that temple anciently crowned the rock. The adoption by the Grimaldi of a monk as supporter to the arms is due to a misapprehension that Monaco is derived from Monacus. The best Accommodations in Monaco are the legend Hotel de Paris, one of the most improtant in the world - and the Hotel Metropole with its great ambiance. If you land in Genoa or Milano Airports (Linate or Malpensa) or if you arrive with Costa Cruises in Savona or MSC Cruises in Genoa, it's possible to reserve our Airport Transfer from Genoa or Milano to Monaco.

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Cote d'Azur is became the celebrities's home.
A lots of very important persons usually came in Saint Tropez and go around Cannes and Monaco during the week-end and the high season. They usually prefer to reserve a Suite in Monaco as the actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes,Michael Douglas and Caterina Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts, Jane Fonda, Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman. Others prefer to stay in Cannes as the top singers Puff Daddy, Jay-Z and Beyonc . The very famous italian designers Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Valentino. Last but not least prefer definitely to stay in in Saint Tropez as the amazing celebrities - worldwide famous -as Pamela Anderson, Brigitte Bardot, Sean Penn, Madonna, Elton John, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, the Kennedy Family, Agnelli Family. Two of the most important soccer players David Beckham with Vicky and Cristiano Ronaldo is not rare to find it at the Byblos, one of the most trendy Accommodation in Saint Tropez. And the top models ever Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and the fascinating Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, usually prefer Boutique Hotels in Cannes. For all these reasons Cote d'Azur is became the celebrities's home.

Why not think to reserve a Romantic Hotels in Cote d'Azur?
One of the most famous hotel de charme a San Tropez - and probably around the world - is the Byblos. The trendiest is the Kube Hotel. One of the most expensive Hotels in the World is the Martinez in Cannes - especially the suite on the 7th floor. The most romantic Chambre d'Hotes in Saint Tropez are Villa Marie and the Chateau de la Messardiere. Even the la Villa Mauresque in Saint Raphael is romantic too. The most eccentric Hotel in Cannes is: Hotel 3.14. Hotel des St-Tropez for nightlife: Byblos absolutely. Hotel and Accommodation in Cannes for nightlife: Martinez and Majestic Barrier . Hotels in Monaco for nightlife: Le Meridien near to the top club Jimmyz. If you are a fun of Casinò, the best oteller in Monaco are of course the Hotel de Paris and Metropole. We suggest this one also to make shopping. The reason? Simple, its located in the Carrè d'Or district of the Principality. So you have Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and many other famous boutiques at walkable distance. So if you are in Monaco for shopping the Metropole Hotel is the right one. If you wont to be very cool, you can also choose a Ferrari or Lamborghini from our Dream Car Rentals service.

What and where is the French Riviera? It is the sunniest, warmest and driest district on the Continent of Europe. It lies along the northern shore of the Mediterranean. It has no defined limits, but is generally understood to extend from Hy res, some sixty miles eastward of Marseilles, to the neighbourhood of distant Leghorn (or Livorno), so that it is partly in France and partly in Italy. The inland boundary is fixed by the highlands of the hinterland, for the climate which makes the Riveria is the offspring of sheltered, sunny lowlands, and as the high ground is nowhere far from the sea, the Riviera is but a narrow strip. There are also a lots of alternative place to visit as Le Colle-sur-Loup is a small picturesque village in the midst of meadows, orchards, and fields of roses, on the road between Cagnes and St. Paul de Vence, 3 miles from the former, 12 from the latter.It offers fishing in the Loup.It has a seventeenth century church and is much in favour with local artists.At 1 mile is Ospedaletti with a twelfth-century church. A Playground of the World. There was a time when the Riviera was regarded chiefly as a health resort, visited almost solely by those suffering from bronchial or pulmonary troubles and able to flee from the rigours of an English winter. Reports of the beauty of the country, the charm of the climate, and the cheapness of living drew to the favoured region many who had not the excuse of sickness for their visit.

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We are proud to announce our new Luxury Car Rental Service in Cote d'Azur - French Riviera: You will find the very latest Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Mercedes Mc Laren, Bentleys, Aston Martin, Porsches, Audi, BMW, Jaguar are availables in sport model, convertible or sedans. We deliver in Monaco, Cannes, Saint Tropez and Nice Airport. You have come to beautiful Europe on a purposeful holiday with total enjoyment and relaxation as your motto. Hotel de Paris is our own Hotel in Monaco. It is a super Luxury Hotel. We have behind us considerable experience inherited from the days when set up that property. You have arrived from Paris and are now in Cote d'Azur. You are assured of Supercar pick-up in Monaco, do shopping, and visit boutique, or Cannes and casinos. Now you have wisely chosen and occupied a cozy room in a very good Five Star Hotel. Obviously we know you are keen to know the sources and means of enjoyment. Probably you want to go for grand shopping in some of the most beautiful and well known malls. It is here and now that we as your friends come to your help.

Last, but non least, if you arrive by plane, we offer a fantastic Airport Transfer service,
Nice Airport is located about 60 miles away. You'll need about one hour and 30 minutes to Saintrop by car. There is another Airport located in Toulon at 40 miles away from Saint Tropez with a trip of one hour. Finally you can land with a private jet at the small Cannes Mandelieu Airport or directly to the La Mole Airport in Saint Tropez. If you land in Genoa GOA Airport or Milano Airports (Linate or Malpensa) or if you arrive with Costa Crociere in Savona port or MSC Cruise in Genoa port, it's possible to reserve our Limousines Shuttle Services. We offer transfer service from Nice Airport NCE, Paris Airport CDG, Genoa Airport GOA, Milano, Rome to Saint Tropez, Juan Les Pins, Nice, Cannes, Monaco and French Riviera. You can enjoy your trip with our special fleet with Rolls Royce, Maybach 62, Bentley Flying Spur and Mercedes Class 600,500,300. We can offers Mercedes Pulman Limousine and Mercedes Viano Minivan (up to 8 persons) also, if you need more of 3/4 passenger seats. Finally, is the only company in Cote d'Azur and Paris who offer the Mercedes S 600 Armored for special guests protection.